What is Lo-fi Music? And How Does It helps to Focus?

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Lofi or Lo-fi stands for low fidelity music is here for decades but in the last decade, it becomes very popular. Now lofi music is considered relaxation music or study music which helps to create a mental space to focus.

But what lo-fi music really is? I loved to hear this genre of music and for a long time, I didn’t know much about it except most of the lofi music playlists have this lofi girl video or poster on their playlist. Now let’s explore more about it.

What is lofi?

lofi or Lo-fi stands for low fidelity music which is a type of non-lyrical chilled-out hip-hop family of music that is exactly the opposite of high production, mainstream high fidelity music.

Lofi is like, the music created by like-minded people in their bedrooms without going into the rabbit hole of professionalism. Mostly production quality of Lofi music is imperfect.

What is lofi music?

Lofi music genre actually spans multiple genres, taking clips, bits, and sound pieces from various genres to create a whole track with heavy sampling, retro vibe, and downtempo drum loops.

Most people listen to lo-fi music while studying. It helps to create a mental zone to stay focused and relaxed while working on your stuff.

Its relaxing rhythms don’t disturb the flow of your mind and help you to concentrate. You can learn and work without getting distracted by its beats unlike high-fidelity music

What BPM is lofi?

Lofi music beats are typically in the low to a mid-tempo range which is around 60 to 90 beats per minute (BPM).

What is lofi girl?

Lofi girl is a Youtube channel that live streams lofi music that can last over 100 hours and its playlist includes all kinds of lofi tracks from known and unknown artists.

There are more apps that you can use to create background sound to improve focus and boost your productivity.

How to create Lofi music?

If you want to create lofi music or lo-fi beats then you don’t need many products and also learning it is easy. Domestika has a great course on how to create Lo-fi beats with Ableton live and push.

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