SpaceX’s Starlink Satellite — where are you?

SpaceX’s Starlink satellite constellation is a mega project which currently provides satellite internet access coverage to 47 countries using more than 3,300 small satellites in Earth’s lower orbit.

These small satellites communicate with designated ground transceivers. When the entire project will be functional, it will have 42,000 satellites in orbit which will be used for the satellite internet as well as for the mobile network.

When you go to Reddit and Twitter you will find many posts regarding mysterious star-like lit objects formations and moments in the night sky. Which is actually the Starlink satellites in the night sky.

If you see one and want to know which one just passed over you then there is one site called SatelliteMap which is a Starlink satellite tracker where you can check the existing location of the Starlink satellite constellation.

Here is the Starlink satellite tracker

You can find which satellite just passes over you as well as their formation in the orbit. It is just mesmerizing to see the Starlink satellite train on the map.

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