Squid Game Invitation Card and How to Make one for you

If you’re under the stone and don’t know about the Squid Game Show of Netflix, this is the show’s quickest introduction to understanding the cultural significance of the very popular and worldwide sensation show.

Squid Games is a Korean series created by Hwang Dong-hyuk and streamed on Netflix. The story is about a gambling addict Seong Gi-hun, who is approached by a mystery man at a train station who offers to pay him if he plays and wins simple children’s games. After rejecting multiple times, Seong accepted the offer. The salesman gives him a simple brown business card with symbols on it.

What Seong didn’t know, along with the other participants who are also in indebt and become the contestants to earn money that the game is a series of horrifically violent games, and contestants need to survive to win $38 million USD.

Because of the popularity of the show, many people want to have business cards and invitation cards in squid game design. Squid Games like invitation cards will be a good choice for cosplay and party themes.

How to design a squid game business card

There is a good tutorial on Youtube on how to create squid games like business cards. And get them printed in the nearby print shop or online on-demand print services or you can print them at home.

How to design Squid Game invitation cards?

You can create an invitation card using tools like Canva for free. For squid games like font, you can use these tools.

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