How many satellites India launched?

India is one of the key players in the space industry with its Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO).

India started its space agency just after its independence. India’s target at that time was not about the space race or proving anything in technology but to help people through weather forecasting, early cyclone alerts, and spreading digital communication.

The primary aim of India’s Indian Space Research Organisation was and is to serve the people of India through advancements in technology and erstwhile do research in space technologies.

ISRO is one of the only countries that has its own space launch capabilities, launch vehicles, own GPS-like navigation system, and successful moon, and mars missions.

India does not just launch their own satellites but also works as a go-to partner to launch satellites in space through their wide range of launch capabilities.

India’s launch capabilities

India through ISRO’s launch vehicles like PSLV and GSLV, launch many satellites into orbit every year for the country as well as for other countries and companies.

How many Indian satellites launched in 2022?

India launched 6 Indian satellites in 2022 through PSLV. And many more for the clients.

How many satellites India has in orbit?

According to the index of objects launched into outer space, maintained by the united nations office for outer space affairs (UNOOSA), 113 satellites are in the orbit launched by India.

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