Microsoft Teams, a Slack alternate, now available to all Office 365 users

One of the tech giants, Microsoft has introduced its new collaboration and communication platform Teams, a chat-based work-space to all its 85 million monthly active users across devices as a part of Office 365 Suite.
A limited preview of Teams was cried out in November last year and it claims that over 50,000 organizations sign up and try out the service.
Presently, it supports 19 languages. Along with this, the company also announced 150 integrations with third-party services like SAP, Trello, Asana, Zendesk, Hootsuite and Freshdesk, alongside the ability to chat, security services, customization options and more. With this, the company is planning to cater to both SMBs and enterprises.
Most of the media and experts counting it as Microsoft’s Slack rival. In Fact, Microsoft limited preview is meant for a fair compare of both the products by the giant organizations.
It is also very interesting to see the performance of the new product to the companies own other products like Skype, Yammer etc.
In design and UX point of view, the basic interface follows a lot of common pattern like other wordplace collaboration products which are often based around a left rail that lists discussion groups and the main stream to the right that charts conversations.

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