GitMask: helps to develop anonymously

If you are looking for a tool to commit anonymously then GitMask is meant just for you. It helps to hide your commitment history and brings privacy to GitHub. And the best part is that it is an open source.gitmask

GitMask is developed by Jason, an avid open source developer. He loves GitHub and open source but many times feels the necessity to hide a commit from his public timeline.  “Just because you support OSS, doesn’t mean you want your name forever associated with every project you ever touch “. GitMask is a result of this.

If you wonder, why you want to hide the true origin of the code? because sometimes it is better not to let the world know what you are up to.

Real life example of privacy and associated mystery – Bitcoin is fairly mainstream now, but its inventor is still a mystery. Sometimes it’s better to let the code speak for itself.

How’s it work?

Enter GitMask

If you want to upload something to GitHub while maintaining a certain privacy, then Gitmask is probably easier than setting up multiple GitHub accounts and remembering their SSH keys.

All you have to do is create a git bundle and upload it to GitMask. If you’ve bundled your changes to bitcoin/bitcoin all you need to do is:

curl -L -X PUT –upload-file commits.bundle

Once you push your code to Gitmask, it eliminates and replaces embedded identification info from your commits like author names, email, and timestamps. Simply, anything and everything that could be used for identification.

Then, a pull request is automatically made to the upstream Github repository with your changes, but now the originating IP is Gitmask, and the author is the anonymous Gitmask user account.

Our View:

We feel GitMask is excellent and well build tool to control your privacy over GitHub and hide your commit from everyone including your own boss.

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