How Long Does a Gillette Razor Last?

Gillette is one of the largest shaving product manufacturers whose razors are used by most men in the country.

If you are a daily shaver who likes to be a clean shave then the next question you ask yourself from various questions is to choose the best option out there for you.

We have curated a list of all the Gillette razors available in our region and used and concluded how long they last and how safe they are.

We also created an FAQ or frequently asked question list to cover all your concerns and help you choose the best option available in the market because not all are suitable for all.

Luckily, Gillette knew it and created a wide variety of razors to cover various use cases and people types. But first, we need to understand that the razor blade is just one step in the shaving process, there are more.

Best shaving technique for better results

These are my sort of rituals of shaving to get a smooth, clean and safe shave.

1. Clean your face

It is always better to wash your face with any face wash to remove the dirt and oil from your beard and face skin. It helps the blade to move smoother on your skin and helps you get a cleaner shave.

It also helps the blade to stay clean and sharp for future shaves. This way blades last longer.

2. Use shaving form

Shaving forms are the lubrication that eventually helps to soften your beard hair and helps the razor to move smoothly on your kind. It also helps to prevent tug and pull.

3. Lotion it

After every shave applies an antiseptic after the shaver. It helps in many ways.

Which razor blade gives the cleanest shave?

It all depends on how you use it. If you are the kind of person like me who —

  • Shave 3 times a week
  • Wash face with facewash before shaving
  • Use shaving form

then your razor will last longer.

I’ve personally used most of the razors that Gillette offers in India. And I think Gillette Fusion gives the cleanest shave with 5-blade shaving technology and its blades are closer together than other razors reducing pressure on each blade which as a result gives a sharp, clean shave and mostly without any cut.

Which razor blade last longer?

If you are low on budget then Gillette Guard is a better choice. If you use blades after a shaving ritual like mine, it can last more than a month.

Whereas overall Gillette Fusion Series razors last longer but they are a bit on the expensive side. They last for 3-6 months, depending on the use and your hair type. Yes, it also depends on hair type. My friend’s blade lasted for only 3 months. He has thick beard hair, whereas mine last for 5 months as my beard hair is moderately thick.

Which Gillette razor blade is safest?

Gillette’s Fusion series and March 3 series blades are safest due to their design for less tug and pull with higher contact with contour and also have lubricants.

Beginner-friendly razor?

Gillette’s Fusion series is the safest razor for beginners as they are more safer and flexible. Getting deep cuts from this razor is uncommon.

Best razor for students who are on a budget?

Gillette Guard and Guard 2 are the most affordable for students as they are cheap and last longer. They are easy to clean without running water and are flexible enough to provide a good shave fast without deep cuts.

Best razor for traveling?

The best razors for traveling are the use and through razors, also called disposable razors. Gillette offers the Presto series and 7 O’Clock disposable razor series. All of them provide good shave and are meant for easy use and through.

How many times Gillette Mach 3 can be used?

A Gillette Mach 3 blade lasts for 2-6 months depending on the use and the way you are shaving.

How many times can Gillette Guard be used?

A Gillette guard razor blade lasts for over a month. And if you do shaving as per the shaving ritual mentioned above then your blade can last much longer.

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