Facebook Messenger introduced group payments between friends

messenger paymentFacebook is making the messenger platform more than just a conversation platform. Through its new feature now friends can split their bills easily. The idea is that if you make dinner plans or planning small trips using messenger, why not pay for the expenses that way, too? The new payment feature is introduced to counter the Venmo and PayTM, who are giving similar services.

As with direct payments, the group payments feature is free to use without any hidden charges, all it takes is linking your account with a debit card.

The new feature adds a dollar sign icon to the group conversation. Tapping it will let you chose who to request money from. You can enter solo amounts for each person or a total sum to divide evenly. You name your request and send it, then the app takes care of the rest. The app track of who has paid up. You can also access a detailed status of the payments.

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