DuckTales Then and Now

We all are waiting for the new series of DuckTales. And for the die-heart fans like us, this time is more killing us. What to expect? What not to? What if it destroys my childhood amazing DuckTales memories.

In the trailers, the new series has some changes esp. related to the characteristics of the characters which surely differentiate the new series from its predecessor series and also makes the DuckTales a must to watch series.

So meanwhile, we have compared the new vs old DuckTales characters to see what has changed since then.

Scrooge McDuck

He is the richest duck in the world and the main character of the series. Scrooge is constantly seeking ways to further increase his wealth and to avoid losing it. The only thing Scrooge values more than money is his family.



Huey Duck, Dewey Duck, and Louie Duck

They are Scrooge’s grandnephews, triplets identical in appearance and personality. In the new series, their role signifies the new age young boys.



Webby Vanderquack

She is the granddaughter of the maid Mrs. Beakley. In the old series, she portrays as a cute girl who often has difficulty being accepted by the boys. But in the new series, her character changed a lot. Now she portrays in the trailer as a strong, enthusiastic and strong girl.



Launchpad McQuack

The Pilot.



Donald Duck

In the new series, Donald duck will play the active role in the story.



Part 1/3 . More to come.  So stay tuned.

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