5 Best Websites to help you learn programming and web development online

There are lots of online resources that can help you to get started. These resources include free as well as paid resources. Whether you are a student or a professional, learning new technologies is a need. And of course hunger for those who are eager to acquire knowledge.

There are several places on the internet where you can learn web development and programming.


one of the leading premium online learning resources is Treehouse. The program takes you through various tracks and quizzes. Treehouse has a very interactive interface for the users which finds it easy to navigate, follow and learn. The program comes at a monthly cost with two pricing packs. It is not just available for desktop but also available on Android and iOS.

If you are looking for a program to start your web development journey with no prior knowledge of programming then Treehouse is surely the great destination to start.

The site features tracks like HTML, UI, Python, Java, JavaScript, Flask, Swift and Android, etc.


5 Best Websites to help you learn programming and web development online

Lynda is very similar to Treehouse but offers more courses. Lynda does not just have courses in web development but also has courses on music, animation, films, tools, software, business, marketing, analysis, education, etc. But of course, the strength is web development.

Lynda doesn’t has the exact path to follow, like Treehouse where you have the path to follow. If you are a person who has prior programming knowledge and wants to skip the basic part then it is just meant for you.


Udemy website screenshot

Udemy is more like a learning marketplace. Where you can choose the course which you intended to learn. It doesn’t have a structured approach to learning. On Udemy, instructors put up the courses and set their own learning track for the learners.

On Udemy, the user needs to buy independent courses which make the platform more like a marketplace where there is a number of similar courses to choose from various instructors.


codecademy website screenshot

Codecademy is a course-based learning site but with a different approach. Instead of video courses, Codecademy provides a platform where you can engage with interactive examples and can practice throughout. So instead of video guidance, you build up knowledge by practicing the examples. But if you are a beginner and want to start from scratch then it might not be the correct choice, as you will miss the basic understanding and knowledge that you require to take this course.

Codecademy is completely free and open to all.

Tuts Plus

Tutuplus website sceenshot

The platform has both the free and premium options. Tuts plus provide a number of courses as short tutorials meant for a particular thing instead of a full track or course.

And the premium option is more like the combination of Udemy and Lynda where you can either buy individual courses or can subscribe to a monthly plan which gives you access to all the courses. Tuts plus mainly focuses on web development and design.

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